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Swim Meet 101

Summer swim meets have been described as "controlled chaos!" The meets are a lot of fun but can be a little overwhelming for parents of new swimmers or young children. When in doubt you can always ask a coordinator or another parent. We were all in your flip flops at one time and completely understand.

Before the Meet:

If you know you will not be at a meet, please log in to the Wyngate Waves website ( and indicate in the Signup Calendar tab that your swimmer(s) will NOT be attending. All swimmers are entered into the meet unless we hear otherwise. This is very important!

Upon Arrival at the Meet:

Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before warmup times begin and if you are volunteering.  After you arrive please check in with the "Check In" Volunteer who will usually be near the main entrance to the pool with a clipboard.  You need to let them know your swimmer(s) have arrived and that you have arrived if you are signed up for a job. Please be on time or arrive a little early because parking is always a challenge at our pool and others. Consider car pooling! Warm-up times for home and away meets (listed below) are for when the swimmers need to be in the pool!

Swim Meet Schedule (subject to change):

Warm Up Schedule: Host Team @ 5:00 PM

Visiting Team @ 5:30 PM

Coaches and Coordinators meeting @ 5:45 PM

Timer meeting @ 5:45 PM

Meet Begins @ 6:00 PM

Providing there is good weather and no lengthy delays, each meet should conclude by at least 10:00 PM. However, parents should understand that this does not hold true for every meet.

Swim Events: Each swimmer may swim in a maximum of two individual scoring events and two relay (one medley and one free) events.  There are exceptions to the maximum event rule depending on the number of swimmers in a specific Age/Sex Group.  For more information see the ASA Rule Book.  Ribbons are awarded for 1st-6th place in each heat.  Typically a meet consists of 86 events but may change depending on the teams' size and/or available swimmers and Age Group sizes:

In individual medley (IM) events, the swimmer covers the four swimming styles in the following order: (1) butterfly, (2) backstroke, (3) breaststroke and (3) freestyle.

In medley relay events, swimmers will cover the four swimming styles in the following order: (1) backstroke, (2) breaststroke, (3) butterfly and (4) freestyle.

6 & Under:  25 Freestyle; 25 Backstroke; 100 Freestyle relay

8/10 & Under:  25 Freestyle; 25 Backstroke; 25 Breaststroke; 25 Butterfly; 50 Freestyle; 100 IM; 100 Freestyle Relay; 100 Medley Relay

12/14/18 & Under: 50 Freestyle; 50 Backstroke; 50 Breaststroke; 50 Butterfly; 100 Freestyle; 100 IM; 200 Freestyle; 200 Medley Relay

NOTE: This is a standard format for a meet. It is acceptable for the Coach to alter this format to fit the needs of the team.

What to Bring:

Team Swim Cap

Goggles - If they wear them. An extra pair won' t be a bad idea because straps break!

Several Towels - 1 for warm-up and another 1-2 for after swimming an event

Sharpie - Parents write the Event # / Heat # / Lane # / Event swimming on a body part of the swimmer’s choice (just make sure it’s visible to swimmer). Described more below in the Marking My Swimmer section. You can also write your Child's name and Age and feel free to add any encouraging slogans! It is also recommended you label your child's items with the sharpie!

Food &/or Concession $$ - swimmers love to snack. All of the teams to include ours utilize concessions as a means for raising money for equipment, so support the teams, whenever possible, but always know you may bring your own food too!

Water - even though the swimmers are always drenched, they will still need lots of water.

Chairs - although there are deck chairs at our pool and most other, ALWAYS bring chairs!

Games, cards, books - some sort of entertainment to keep swimmers busy while waiting for their events.

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Marking My Swimmer

Marking My Swimmer:

Many swimmers (or their parents) write with a Sharpie their event, heat, lane and stroke/distance on their leg or arm (somewhere they can see it!) so they know where to be and when during the meet. It is also helpful to write their First Name and Age on their back shoulder so the Coaches or other Volunteers can quickly identify them. They start to all look the same under those swim caps and goggles. Feel free to write any other encouraging statements! Below is an example:




S = STROKE     BU = BUTTERFLY          IM = (1) BU, (2) BK, (3) BR, (4) FR

                                                                  MR = (1) BK, (2) BR, (3) BU, (4) FR

*Tip: When swimming at our pool and other 25yd pools, the swimmers in the 100 FR Relays and MR in positions 1 and 3 line up at the starting blocks and swimmers in positions 2 and 4 line up at the opposite end.

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Marking My Swimmer Example

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Marking My Swimmer Cheat Sheet

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Heat Sheets

You will also be provided a "Heat Sheet" which is a "road map" for the entire meet.  They can be a little confusing but please feel free to ask any coaches, parents, volunteers or the coordinators any questions.  Below is a document that tries to explain it! 

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How To Read a Heat Sheet

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