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Volunteer Information

Volunteers are necessary to ensure our meets run smoothly.  We truly appreciate our Volunteers!  At least one Parent/Guardian is required to work at least THREE meets during the season. 

To signup for a volunteer position go to the Signup Calendar tab on the team website.  Then select the date of the Swim Meet(s) you want to work.  Next select the volunteer job(s) for that specific Swim Meet.  See the job descriptions below for more information:

TIME KEEPERS - 12 volunteers.

Armed with a clip board, a stop watch and about 5 minutes of training you become all that stands in the way of a parent’s dream that their child is the next Michael Phelps.  This person is assigned a specific lane and gets to sit in a chair (or stand) near the pool to time each event and heat.  You attend a quick meeting before the meet starts to learn how to operate a stop watch.  This jobs is for half the meet and is for HOME and AWAY meets.

BULL PEN - 8 volunteers

Probably the most coveted of volunteer positions which is why we limit it to only 8 per meet.  We do make it a requirement for all children under 8 to be in the Bull Pen and a requirement for the Parents of said children to work the Bull Pen at least once.  These saintly parents ensure the little swimmers get to the starting blocks on time and in the correct lane.  There will be some pre-meet training but honestly if you are a parent of a human child then you have all the training you need!  This jobs lasts until all the events for the under 8's are completed. 

RUNNER - 2 volunteers

This individual must be fast and agile like a cheetah!  This person continuously brings the Place Judge, Time Keeper and any DQ Sheets to the Score Keeper at the scoring table.  This jobs is for half the meet and is for HOME and AWAY meets

PLACE JUDGE - 2 volunteers

You will be provided a clipboard, a sharpie, a stack of paper and a FRONT ROW SEAT for each event and heat.  You will also be the gatekeeper for the coveted BLUE RIBBON but just so the power does not go to your head, you will have a counterpart from the other team for a “checks and balances” type of system.  You get to make a new friend!  You get to watch each event and mark down which lane finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.  This jobs is for half the meet and is for HOME and AWAY meets.

SCORE KEEPER - 1 volunteer

This person must be good with numbers, and by that I mean they must be able to read numbers on a sheet of paper and then type those numbers into an electronic spreadsheet.  So, if you have EVER used a computer in your life and can read then you can do this job.  This job is for the entire meet and is for HOME and AWAY meets.

RIBBONS - 4 volunteers

Color blindness is no longer an excuse because the place values are on the ribbons!  Nice try.  You get to sit at the Scoring Table and you get to label and then distribute the ribbons into the swimmers’ folders.  This job is for half the meet and is for HOME and AWAY meets.

CONCESSIONS - 8 volunteers

A minimum of 8-10 years of experience in the food service industry is required.  This person gets to work in our world renowned Wyngate Waves Concession Stand and provide delicious food along with way too much candy to the swimmers.  You get to work with money but don’t let having to use math scare you because we provide a calculator!  This job is for half the meet and is for HOME meets only.

EVENT BOARD - 2 volunteers

Unleash your inner Vanna White while you gracefully change the Event and Heat numbers on our state of the art Wyngate Waves Event Board.  Experience with Velcro is highly desirable, but not required.  This job is for half the meet and is for HOME meets only.

PARKING LOT - 1 volunteer

If you have ever wanted to wear a reflective vest and play with traffic cones then this is the job for YOU!  You arrive at 4:30pm and help to close the parking lot, reserve spaces as needed and put out the “no parking” signs.  This job ends when the meet starts and is for HOME meets only.

POTATO BAKER - 1 volunteer

Does this really need a description?  You.  Bake.  Potatoes.  Before the meet.  And bring them to the Meet.  I guess it did need some explanation.  In all seriousness, this is probably the MOST important job because I LOVE a BAKED POTATO at a Swim Meet!  We provide the potatoes, foil and a cooler to deliver the potatoes to the meet.  This job is for HOME meets only.

MEET SET UP - 2 volunteers

If you have ever dreamed of being a roadie, then this is a job for you!  Please arrive at 4:30pm before a HOME meet and a Coordinator will be there to provide guidance on how, where and what to set up (bull pen tent, tables, chairs, lights, sound system, fill ice chests, etc.).  This job ends when the meet begins and is for HOME meets only.

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